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dreamer disease

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fanfiction [ that 70s show ] [Sep. 28th, 2009|05:38 pm]
dreamer disease
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title: if you could just realize
fandom: that 70's show
rating: pg-13
b-noise: realize - callie colbat
genre[s]: one-shot, drabble, drama
spoiler[s]: lots and yet, alittle.
word count: 537

If you would just realized what I just realized than we'd be perfectly together

Why can't you just understand what I am saying when I tell you everything about us. We could be perfect together; I can see it and if you could too then you would realize why I am eager about this relationship.

Is it just so hard to believe that this can last? We have already gone further and lasted longer than anyone ever thought including us. And still you treat this relationship as if it is going to end any day. Have I not proved over and over that I am not leaving? Even that job I gave up for you. And I took you back when you cheated even though I was fully within my rights not too after all the shit from Kelso. Why Steven?

I just don't understand it; I am not your father or your mother. I have not only told you but shown you of my intentions and my truthfulness. My own mother and father abandoned me just like you, maybe even worse because I thought they were perfect, that I could rely on them before having them cut from my life just when I needed them the most.

But then you came in this time and you were the only thing in my life that made sense, the only piece of sanity. Why do you think I wouldn't fight to hold on to the only thing in my life that was completely mine. I may act like a complete airhead at times but being with you wasn't something that I had to think about, it was just natural and being with you just felt right. And I thought you were mine and if anything in this relationship has taught you about me is that I am possessive about what is mine. And you, Steven Hyde are mine.

No matter how many times I tell you that this is going to last and that I love you, instead of reinforcing this relationship it only seems to shut you down and push you away.

And I know that you care about me, maybe even love me in some small way even if you won't admit it to yourself. This would be easier if you didn't care then at least I would know where I stood and where we were going. I don't know how much clearer I can be about this.

I want you. You and me. Forever from this day on.

I want the stupid and not-so stupid fights.
The sex,
the grumpiness,
the playfulness that rarely comes out but for me,
the stoner moments,
the annoying but extremely sexy Zen.

Curled up on your cot, wrapped in your shirt and in your arms. Pulling those mysterious shades to kiss you while trying to hide my smile when you finally stop trying to put up a tough act and give in.

We could make this work, I swear on all my unicorns and Cosmo magazines that there is nothing more worth it then this.

And even if you don't, at least I can say that I gave it everything I had and more. Can you Steven Hyde, Can you?